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Crystal Clear Window Cleaning was able to clean all of the tall hard to get to windows of my business. Nobody else would for a reasonable price, or could go that high. I am very pleased with the service. Peter is very trustworthy, punctual and quite a pleasant person. I would definitely recommend him.
-Cruising Co.
Paauilo, Big Island




Window Cleaning Services

Home Window Cleaning

We are neat and courteous residential window cleaning professionals. We wash your home windows with the same care that you would use, but with our professional equipment and experience.

• References available upon request
• Fully insured

Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually, Annual service is available depending on your needs.


• Inside and outside glass
• Screen cleaning
• Post construction window cleaning
• Tracks wiped down or shop vac
• Mirrors
• Chandeliers
• Skylights
• Windbreaks & Patio Glass
• Maintenance Window Cleaning
• Move out/Move In Window Cleaning
• Power washing
• Ceiling fans


• High and Low Rise Window Cleaning
• Hotel & Time Share Window Cleaning
• One Time Window Cleaning
• Post Construction Window Cleaning
• Awning Cleaning & Protective coating application
• Restaurants
• Retail
• Office Buildings & Office Parks
• Hotels
• Schools
• Medical & Dental Offices
• Movie Theaters

We power wash and clean exterior surfaces on Commercial and Residential properties.
Our Services include: Outside home washing, mildew and spider web removal,gutter cleaning, deck and fence maintenance and building/remodeling services

The waterfed pole, if you are not aware of what it is, it is a pole that delivers pure water (100% clean) through hoses to a brush at the end of a pole. How it cleans the glass, is the brush bristles agitate the dirt and other debris on the glass and breaks the bond between debris and glass, with the pure water being the lubricant and also the cleanser, and rinser. Our poles are made from aluminum alloy and have a dispenser for soap and or awning cleaner/preservative.

The waterfed pole allow windows to be cleaned that cannot be reached safely from a ladder. The results are often better then cleaning by hand as not only the glass is cleaned but the mullions and the frames as well. It isn't necessary to wipe down the window after as we use de-ionized resin which 100% purifies the water leaving no streaks or residue.



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